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Vintage Jackson Charvel Model 6 (top Of The Line)


jackson guitars 669371207367480030 Vintage Jackson Charvel Model 6 (top Of The Line)

I have a very cool and rare Vintage MId-80's Charvel Jackson Model 6 which was their Top of the Line model at the time. This is one of the early ones from around 1986 .The color is  Pearl White, Active Preamp, Mid-Boost Control,  Original Jackson PIckups, Neck-thru Body, etc. This is basically a Jackson Soloist only made in Japan. There's a small line crack around the controls for some reason. I'm not sure how it got there but it doesn't effect the guitar in anyway and it's still very solid in that area. It could probably be touched up to make it less noticeable if a person wanted to but it never bothered me.. It is 25 yrs old so there are  a couple nicks here & there (the worst being around the middle pickup) but overall it looks great and plays like butter.  If you want a fantastic playing, rocking/ shredder guitar you won't find one any better. .It plays and sounds as good if not better than any Jackson Soloist you will ever find I assure you. It stays in tune perfect and the action is low. I am including a non-original Hardshell Case that is very nice. This is a fanatstic guitar and very cool, especially the color. It is all original  including the electronics and pickups . I have misplaced the vibrato bar but hopefully I will be able to find it before the auction ends. If not you can buy one pretty cheap but I'm pretty sure I will find it. This is a rare guitar and you won't see one of these very often," I have never seen one like this on ebay. Any questions you can email me directly at My Feedback should speak for itself.

Model 6

The Model 6 was basically import version of the Jackson Soloist, but under the Charvel name, and featured neck-through construction with a maple neck and poplar body. The neck has 24 jumbo frets on a bound rosewood fretboard. The Model 6 also featured a bound neck/headstock, and shark fin mother of pearl inlays. Model 6s came with Kahler 2300 Tremolos in early 1986, as well as an extra thin neck profile. The tremolo was later replaced with a non-recessed JT-6 Jackson unit, and the neck profile became a little larger. The pickups were a Jackson J50BC humbucker at the bridge, two Jackson J-200 stacked single coils, and an on-board mid-boost (Jackson JE-1200). The control layout consists of a one volume, one tone, a control for the mid boost, and an on/off mini toggle switch for each pickup.



Charvel Model 6
General Specifications:

Tremolo: Kahler® Standard

Body Composition:

Neck Fingerboard Composition:
RockMaple through Body Neck/Quarter-Sawn Rosewood

Machine Heads:
Jackson SG38-07B

Fingerboard Nut Comosition:

Fret Wire:
Hardness - Rockwell C6/Brinell 171
Size - .118 x .114 x .51 x .37
Composition - 18% Nickel Silver

Finish Options:
Cobalt Blue, Black Cherry, Red, Pearl White,Black

Control Functions:
One Volume, One Tone, Jackson Pre-Amp with Mid Boost, Three 2-way mMini-Toggles

Pickup Specifications:
Model Number: J200 (two)
Description: Dual Coil, Bi-level
Humbucking designed for use with
active circuitry.
"clearer" distortion.
Sr.(in K Hz): 9.90
Z (@Sr in MOhms): 1.8
Inductance (in Henries):2.4
Q (@Sr): 12.6
Output Level (@ Sr): +44.1dB
Magnetic Structure: Alnico V
Resistance (in KOhms): 11.65

Pickup Specifications:
Model Number: J50BC (one)
Description: High Frequency Bridge
Position Humbucking. Designed for use
with active circuitry.
Sr.(in K Hz): 6.58
Z (@Sr in MOhms): 5.9
Inductance (in Henries):5.3
Q (@Sr): 2.64
Output Level (@ Sr): +56.4dB
Magnetic Structure: Ceramic
Resistance (in KOhms): 8.58

jackson guitars 669371207367480031 Vintage Jackson Charvel Model 6 (top Of The Line)
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