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Ultra Custom Jackson Electric Guitar


jackson guitars 658662507820285890 Ultra Custom    Jackson Electric Guitar

       You are currently viewing the crown jewel of all my musical equipment.   There are many words that could be used to describe this amazing piece.   Some I have heard include;  extraordinary, amazing, beautiful, priceless, powerful, exquisite, wonderful, etc.   Those words are very accurate, however NONE of them even begin to describe the sounds this instrument produces!   Pictures can show the features of this guitar well enough, but words cannot begin to explain the rich tones it can produce.  From sounds so clear, brilliant and precise, to the most abrasive power you've ever felt.   Sounds so clear and chilling, it's almost euphoric.  Distorted power you'd swear your first name was Dimebag or Kerry.  Absolutely no expense was spared in the creation of this masterpiece, price everything and you'll see exactly why this combination sounds and plays so amazing.  Even at the "buy it now" price, I would still barely break even with what I have into it.   The only reason I am bringing this beauty to the ebay community is due to recent business decisions.  This guitar is part of about 2/3 of my collection I have decided to liquidate.  

Alright, now let's get down to the details.   Although it is a bold statement, I believe there are features of this guitar which have never been achieved on any other guitar, (if so I certainly haven't heard of anyone attempting it).  When I said earlier I spared no expense, that also includes time, considering there are well over 300 man-hours invested into it's creation, plus the roughly $2000 involved in it's build.

This beauty began it's musical life as a brand new, stunning, Forest Green Jackson DKMG.  It originally came loaded with EMG humbuckers, a Floyd Rose 'Licensed' tremelo, Jackson three position toggle with a simple configuration of a volume and master tone control.  I chose this guitar as the platform for this creation for many reasons.  First of all, check the reviews and you will see that in it's stock form, it is an incredible and beautiful guitar.  What especially caught my eye originally was the Rock Maple neck with an elegant Rosewood Fretboard.  The piranha tooth inlays were so subtle that they jumped out at you and to top it all off, the reverse headstock was something I had seldom seen but had always longed for.   Ivoroid binding stretches from the neck joint all the way around the headstock which contains the 6-in-line Jackson Sealed die-cast tuners.  The Alder body was so sleek that it just seemed to conform to your body and begged for hours of play time.  Yes, you could say I fell in love with the base DKMG, but I knew it could be so much more!  

First, the bolt on neck concept had to go and was turned into a set neck.  This allowed for much easier access to the upper frets and also contributed to the incredible tone and sustain.  The next few modifications were due to playing style; I prefer a tone control for each humbucker, therefore the master tone was discarded and two tone controls were added.  A 'kill' switch was provided to each humbucker, again for added technical options and playing style.  A Gibson Les Paul 3 position switch was added above the strings near the thumb for easier access and quick pickup changes.  When combined, the three separate 'toggles' allow for some amazing "Zakk Wylde" like sounds to be created.  Shut off the neck pickup, turn up the gain and you can achieve some amazing mid riff 'beats' with a flick of the pickup selector, or flick the bridge position to off and achieve mid-solo breaks that are just not possible with a traditional setup.  

The Alder body received some massive reshaping.  The basic outline of the guitar was only changed slightly, however many accents were created.  The theme was to create a flame effect into the body itself.  Two additional accesses had to be created for the additional cavities needed for the extra toggles, these also required custom fiberglass covers.  Also, the bridge area required special attention to replace the 'licensed' Floyd Rose with an ORIGINAL Floyd Rose Tremelo.  After achieving the desired shape of the body, I opted for something that was unheard of at the time.  The entire custom Alder body received two sprayed coats of fiberglass resin.  Most people are unfamiliar with wood and fiberglass so I will explain.  Wood and Fiberglass bond EXTREMELY well together, just look at ANY boat for example, constructed of wood and fiberglass.  (I have had some ignorant people bring up this subject and I would like to educate them). The reasoning for fiberglass resin is threefold; first, this would add to the tonal characteristics I desired, second, the added density would absolutely add to the longevity of the guitar, and lastly, the dense surface would allow for a much flatter paint job. 


Aside from turning the neck from a bolt-on to a set neck, (which I must say that area alone is beautiful), the neck was left relatively alone, aside for one major thing which was done to the headstock.   This was another innovation I have never heard of.  I don't know about you, but I have seen devices sold which, when attached to the headstock, help to create longer sustain.  The devices I have seen are heavy (on purpose) and clip to the headstock.  I wanted the same outcome, only without the look of something clipped to the guitar.   What was done; the headstock was actually hollowed out from the back side, while still maintaining it's structural integrity.   A form was created with the same shape as the cavity and lead was actually melted and poured into the form.  The piece that was created was fine tuned and placed inside the cavity with epoxy for an air tight fit.  The top of the cavity was re-strengthened using fiberglass and mesh.  Looking at the headstock, you would never know all the work that went into it, however it is details like this which make this an amazing sounding guitar.   

Much research was done prior to this build, every avenue to add playability or quality was taken.  This attention to detail extends to the pickups and tremelo.  The factory EMG's were discarded and replaced with much more appropriate humbuckers.  The bridge is home to a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker SH-13, what amazing sounds this creates, each paying tribute to the legend himself!  In the neck position sits a Gibson Tony Iommi Signature humbucker, the clarity of which is incredible!  Looking downward sat the 'Licensed' Floyd Rose tremelo, which was replaced by an ORIGINAL Floyd Rose.  Anybody who has compared the two tremelos would completely understand why.  

Finally we will finish off with discussing the paint job.  This is actually called a tri-coat, it began with spraying the entire guitar with 'starflake,' which is a bigger metal flake.  This produced a silver guitar, then areas were shaded with an air brush and a bigger gun with black paint.  Lastly, an appropriate dye, 'candy' was mixed up.  This was sprayed also with a shading effect, some areas got many coats, some only a couple.  To top it all off, it received three coats of two-part clear coat.  In the week following it's new colors, the whole guitar was wet sanded and buffed for an ultra flat, incredible shine!  

After all the modifications were completed, the wiring and complete setup of the guitar was completed by a professional, licensed guitar tech.  Two weeks ago, I brought it to the same tech and had him re-string it, check the action, neck, intonation, etc.  Everything is setup A+ for the next owner!

Included is the guitar, Jackson hardshell case and a set of black Dunlop strap locks. 

The only imperfection is noted in the last picture.  There is an arrow pointing it out.  It is a small chip on the back of the guitar, near a screw on one of the electronic covers.  To me, it is very minor and not worth messing with, I just want to make sure the buyer is aware of it. 

The best way I can explain the differences between the original jackson versus this would best be explained by comparing two cars.  (For you car guys this will make more sense, but bear with me).   Imagine two new Ford Mustangs sitting side by side.  The one on the left is an entry level, V-6 powered, automatic, no air conditioning, an okay stereo, cloth seats and the whole thing sits on a set of cheaper tires and wheels.   All-in-all, this setup would work well for most people out there.  

Now, the one on the right says 'GT 500' on the side, it comes with a V-8, 550 horsepower, A.C., leather seats, Bose stereo, custom wheels and an exhaust that sounds absolutely scary!   

For most people the car on the left would be just fine, however, some people understand what it's like to have the best, to have those details that REALLY make the difference.  This guitar is for those of you that demand the best and understand the difference.   


My advice to anyone seriously interested in adding this guitar to their collection; find a Jackson DKMG and play it!  The overall dimensions are the same, the neck shape is the same, if what you hold feels right, understand you are holding the entry level V-6 version.  Now here's the question; are you ready for some real power, the fully loaded GT version? Or is the V-6 okay with you?  I can't be the only person that wants to have the best, someone who prides himself in having something that is original, knowing that no one, ANYWHERE  has the same guitar.      

Feel free to ask any questions, serious inquiries only PLEASE.  I will absolutely take the time to chat with anyone who is seriously interested that has the funds.  Thank you for viewing and allowing me to share my baby!

jackson guitars 658662507820285891 Ultra Custom    Jackson Electric Guitar
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