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Stunning Jackson Dk Model Takes A Usa Make-over


jackson guitars 658482707138397870 Stunning Jackson Dk Model  Takes A Usa Make over

Jackson Dinky get's a USA makeover! Putting the Pink back in your Dink. Starts by micro-sanding, touch up painting several hours in the cavities and places you don't see and trust me when I say I think its everything they wish they could have done. Detailed 2007 Jackson DK model that is white and just white, no flake, metallic sparkle just white, its bad ass when my others are black, what else but white? Some features are solid alder body, recessed tremolo cavity and this is the coolest thing I opened them holes up ever so slightly so I could slide in the best you can buy genuine Floyd Rose Schaller made pivot Studs and and corresponding inserts. These are what the big boys use  "The original Jackson ones provided simply will not do, they are good, but not as good as the ones for a USA model to use.  The DK models were the expensive ones, mostly in hardware but the distinguishing lower horn is scalloped as well as the heel as on all DK models making it easy to spot the less expensive DX models which are not. This is Jackson made in Japan recreated by me in Los Angeles Ca. USA home of the most famous metal manufacturer of fine instruments this guitar will definitely qualify as a "USA makeover model. and otherwise very few imperfections. All the cavities are detailed. Good pots and switches, the right fitting, looking, feeling knurl knobs, an upgraded San Dimas Style neck plate, beefier screws and gasket, black strap buttons, screws, felt washers, 2 nice rear covers, blk screws, 3 springs, clamp. A JT580 Jackson Low Profile tremolo with arm. A really cool reverse head/ reverse inlay 24 med. jumbo fret neck rosewood on maple from a late 90's Pro model, that's sweet, clean, straight, flat and smooth, Lavished in both lemon and orange oil 0000 polished frets gives this guy my L.A. feel. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does...
An original American Jackson J90Ceramic bridge position humbucker with the logo and sticker underneath and a real nicely specified Jackson J70 neck position Hum, both are 4 conductor wiring models, Very good quality pots and wire, grounded everywhere 1 Vol, 1 tone, 3 way selector. Jackson Gotoh Black tuning machines are USA all the way correct truss rod cover and a Black R3 Floyd Nut in great shape. Diaddario 10's  There is absolutely no junk here, no effort to off the funky shit, and get one by on you, so pay for it because I don't know how to screw myself or anyone else. It's so very, very cool and if someone is not smart and jumps down on this I'm gonna make it even sicker somehow, but its right there and now and here's something else, I make guitars shred and perform and stay in tune and you will not be able to put this guitar down. It will destroy anything else you are considering at twice my price. Go get a case, I don't have one for you.

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Interested parties better bid now, if you don't, I'm ending it early, rather than hassling for my final value fees back? When my bidder is a (0,1) feedback buyer, residing in Brazil and hasn't responded to my efforts in contacting him? So you got a few hours, or poof! Sorry.

jackson guitars 658482707138397871 Stunning Jackson Dk Model  Takes A Usa Make over
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