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Left Handed Jackson Dinky


jackson guitars 666662207834792430 Left Handed Jackson Dinky

Left handed Jackson Dinky with 2 single coil and 1 humbucker with a 5-way selector
This is the best guitar I have ever owned/played, hands down.

The finish is a dark red, not a solid has almost a glimmery effect in it.
It has just a few scratches and was dropped once, so it has a fair sized scratch/chip
near the input which can only be seen when looking at the back of the guitar.
It's also missing the tone knob, but has all the rest of it's original hardware.

Aside from the mentioned physical flaws, the playability of this instrument is 100%.
All the controls work perfectly, the fretboard and neck are in excellent condition.
The low action makes holding chords and just generally playing very easy and fast.
Also, shortly after purchase I had it professionally set up to use 9 gauge strings.
This guitar is Solid. As a lefty, it generally sucks looking for guitars. I never once
regretted buying this guitar, and neither will you.

jackson guitars 666662207834792431 Left Handed Jackson Dinky
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