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Jackson Usa 1990 Rare Bolted Steel Graphic


jackson guitars 642112805915921370 Jackson Usa 1990 Rare Bolted Steel Graphic

Jackson USA 1990 RARE Bolted Steel Graphic!


If your looking for a very rare Jackson!

This one is it. This is from the very first run in 1990.
and it’s a very
low number. #172 out of the first 900 made in the usa.

This guitar is 95% Mint.

A few very small dings and scratches from its 20 years of living.
But as
you can se from pics. Not noticeable at all.

The only thing not original is the bridge and center pick ups. The bridge
is a seymour duncan JB. And the center is a Fender Lace. I
did not put these in but they do sound very incredible. Im leaving it up to the
buyer to restore them back to stock if he or she chooses. I do not have the

This Jackson USA 1990  RARE Bolted Steel Graphic! Plays Like it
should. Nice action, Hold a tune after a huge dive on the bar. Currently Has
Ernie Ball hybrids on it 9-46. The Jackson
logo looks white but at a angle it shows the pearl in it. The case is original
but it was left next to something hot. Not perfect but functions just the same.
Fret Life great.

Good luck and may the highest bidder win this amazing guitar. 

jackson guitars 642112805915921371 Jackson Usa 1990 Rare Bolted Steel Graphic
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