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Jackson Sls custom Relic Finish, Bare Knuckle Pickups


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Hello! Up for auction is my amazing Jackson SLS-MG. First thing you probably notice is the striking finish this guitar has. This SLS was custom "pre-relic'd" by a good friend of mine who refinished furniture for a living. He did an absolutely amazing job, and the attention to detail is incredible.
Please be aware that even though this is a neck-through model Jackson, and the serial number is stamped on the very bottom of the neck, this guitar was made in Japan. After much searching and asking around it was made evident that all sls-mg's were manufactured in Japan, regardless of where the serial number is stamped. What's more, Jackson does not offer serial number tracking/information for any guitar manufactured outside of the US. They claim the guitars go straight for the foreign manufacturing plants straight to the distributers, so there is no way for Jackson USA to keep track of there foreign production models. There was some confusion, so please understand this....anyway!.....

Cosmetically I'd give it about a 8/10. There is a decent sized dent near the input jack, and little marks here and there around the guitar from general playing. To be completely honest is it hard to tell though because of the overall "distressed" look of the guitar. I removed the volume and tone knobs ( poles are still intact) because I never messed with either of the knobs. I will include those with the guitar.
Sound a playability id give it a 10/10. This guitar is incredibly light and quick. Easy access to all 24 frets, along with a super thin neck. Has locking tuners for extra tuning stability and a roller bridge for additional stability.
This guitar has a small surface crack on the back of the neck below the headstock. It has been treated and resealed in the past but is still present. It does not effect the playability of the guitar in anyway. 
This guitar has a pair of Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups currently installed. These P/Us are what make the guitar in my opinion. They were very expensive and sound like a million bucks. Amazing definition, clarity, and crunch without the "active" pickup EQ  sound!
Im selling this guitar because I recently purchased one that will be replacing a few of the ones I currently have.
Included in this auction will be a DiMarzio strap lock! 
Guitar will be shipped/insured via UPS ground, and thoroughly packaged/protected to insure safe arrival. I will NOT be including the case in this auction.
As you can see by my stellar feedback , I can take my auctions seriously. So please, DO NOT BID IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, OR IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING LESS THAN 5 POSITIVE FEEDBACK COMMENTS. 
I do have additional photos, so please contact me if you'd like to see more. 
Thanks and good luck!

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