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Jackson Sl2h-mah Neck Through Soloist


jackson guitars 666091605866376510 Jackson Sl2h mah Neck Through Soloist

Raising funds for another project so this one has to go. It's an amazing guitar but doesn't get played all that much because I'm not much of a floyd fan. The tone and playability however are top notch with low buzz free action. It is a solid mahogany body and neck with a flame maple top. The bridge is an original floyd rose. I replaced the original pickups with duncan p-rails including the triple shot pickup rings so there are two little switches on the top of the rings that let you choose p90, single coil, humbucker series, and humbucker parallel. The humbucker sounds really close to the duncan 59, the p90 nails the p90 tone and I use this guitar almost 100% on the neck in p90 mode, and the single coil sounds like a slightly lower output standard strat pickup. You can actually fake a very convincing 2/4 strat position with both pickups on and in sc or p90 mode. The rest of the electronics are stock. I also added a trem stabilizer - the Goldo BackBox. You can do big bends and the bridge doesn't move, it works quite well. The condition is about as close to new as you can get, no scratches, dings, dents, or anything - looks brand new.
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jackson guitars 666091605866376511 Jackson Sl2h mah Neck Through Soloist
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