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Jackson San Dimas Usa Strat Sunkist Orange W/ofr More


jackson guitars 647031605104815720 Jackson San Dimas Usa Strat Sunkist Orange W/ofr & More



1988 Jackson San Dimas USA Strat
in "Sunkist Orange"  & original hard shell case!
Fully-restored with serious upgrades:
Original Floyd Rose, oversize brass block
& Kahler Flip locking nut!

This may be a 'one-off' as I've never seen or heard of another like it.  Most distinctive is the vivid orange finish with a color-matching headstock logo.  This amazing instrument came to me with some light play wear but has since enjoyed a complete overhaul.  She was completely disassembled (aside from the wiring) and all components were cleaned and (where applicable) oiled or polished prior to reassembly.  Substantial upgrades include an Original Floyd Rose (with an over sized L-shaped brass sustain block, OFR pivot posts and bushing inserts) and a genuine Kahler Deluxe flip locking nut.  The end result is an instrument that feels, plays and sounds as good (probably better) than she would have when new from the factory.  And how does she look?  Well, as depicted in the photos, she's super-clean, drop-dead gorgeous and sure to capture the attention of any audience...  

  • Finish:  Factory original "Sunkist Orange"
  • Body type:  Jackson USA Strat with Floyd-style rout
  • Body material:  (probably) Alder
  • Body condition:  Superb for a 22-year-old instrument that's been a player's favorite.  Some 'checking' in the clear coat on the top of the body in the arm contour area but this area was gently wet-sanded with 3000 grit and hand polished with microfiber and compound.  As a result, the 'checking' is barely visible.  There was a ding that exposed some wood and created some lacquer cracking on the top edge of the upper horn near the strap button.  This area was consequently super-glued, drop-filled with closely matching paint, wet sanded and polished so it is now a subtle blemish that cannot be felt.  As described below, there is a little 'polish-through' on the outer clear coat and discoloration around the bass side pivot post bushing.  Aside from that, there were some tiny, superficial dings, scuffs and scratches but most all of these were eliminated through wet-sanding and polishing.  All cavities and routs were also thoroughly cleaned.  The 2 rear cavity covers had some 'buckle rash' that exposed a little of the aluminum underneath the black-brushed finish but these areas were touched-up with industrial marker and then polished making them far less obvious 
  • Electronics:  These all factory-original, passive pickups are exceptional so no upgrades were needed here.  The Jackson J-90B (or J-90BC, I can't remember from when I disassembled everything) humbucker came to me with substantial cover wear.  Instead of permanently removing the cover, I elected instead to sand and polish it.  The result is a terrific, smooth and shiny look instead of the textured original finish with string gouges.  The original humbucker ring came unslanted from the factory (like all the Charvel Model Series and Jackson USAs from this era) so I neatly beveled the bottom surface of the ring to keep the pickup's face almost perfectly parallel to the strings.  The single coils are both Jackson J-100s.  All 3 pups had some white paint worn off on the logos so I accurately repainted them in orange lacquer closely matching the guitar's finish.  Controls consist of a single volume knob (CTS 500k, I believe) to a 5-way switch.  All electronics function flawlessly
  • Bridge:  I ditched the factory JT-6 and installed a newer Original Floyd Rose with almost no finish wear and with sharp, visibly unworn blades.  Attached to the OFR is an oversized L-shaped 42mm brass sustain block from Floyd Upgrades for monster tone and better note definition.  If that weren't enough, the JT-6 pivot posts and bushings were expertly switched-out for OFR units as well (these OFR pivot posts show only slight finish wear on their top surfaces).  Factory pivot post bushing routs were about 1mm off center so they were doweled-in (with hardwood and epoxy) and then re-drilled.  There is a slight polish-through and discoloration as a result around the bass side pivot post but, as seen in the photo, this is almost unnoticeable except under scrutiny and in good light 
  • Nut:  Standard Phelonic with no visible wear to the grooves.  A genuine NOS Kahler Deluxe (flip) locking nut replaces the factory JT-6 unit.  Unlike the factory locking nut, this NOS Kahler Deluxe needs no spacer shim
  • Nut width:  43mm
  • Tuners:  Sealed USA factory-original Jackson-logoed
  • Strap buttons: Factory-original with very little finish wear.  Both are well anchored with no evident stripping
  • Neck plate:  Jackson San Dimas USA die cast in excellent shape. 
    Serial # 5040    
  • Neck type & construction:  2-pc. Maple (with scarf joint) with
    gently-rolled fretboard edges for
    ultimate playing comfort and 2 3/4" heel
  • Neck condition:  Almost mint!  Some dirt etc. accumulated on the back of the neck over the last 22 years so these areas were carefully sanded (800 - 1000 grit) and Tru Oil was then applied to the entire area of exposed Maple.  If I recall correctly, there was very little in the way of nicks or scratches anywhere on the neck to begin with.  Now, virtually nothing is visible (and nothing is palpable) after the light sanding and oil reapplication.  Headstock tip is fully intact and is essentially perfect
  • Neck finish:  Hand-rubbed oil
  • Neck profile shape & width:  Thin 'C' about .77" at the 3rd fret and about .85" at the 12th fret
  • Fretboard material:  Dark and tightly-grained Ebony recently cleaned and treated with luthier's Lemon oil
  • Fretboard condition:  Excellent with no visible cracks and no obvious dings, dents or scratches
  • Fretboard radius:  16" straight (think: Ibanez-flat)
  • Number of frets:  22 with fretboard extension
  • Scale length:  25 1/2" (Fender-type)
  • Fret wire size & composition:  Factory-installed Jumbo nickel
  • Condition of frets:  Superb with recent level & dress >>> No play wear is evident anywhere.  Lots of 'meat' remaining...
  • Fret inlay markers:  Mother-of-Pearl dot
  • Side markers:  White dot
  • Truss rod:  Double-acting with adjustment at headstock (functions
  • Headstock decal:  "Jackson Made in USA" logo in body-matching "Sunkist Orange" 
  • Action:  Set quite low with no fretting-out, dead notes or obvious buzz
    anywhere on the fingerboard
  • String alignment:  Both 'E' strings are almost perfectly
    equidistant from the edges of the fretboard for the entire length of
    the neck
  • Stringing:  Perfectly set up, tuned and intonated at
    Eb 440 with new 10 - 46 Elixir
    Nanoweb Custom Lights (the best strings available, in my humble
    opinion!).  If you have any specific string and/or alternate tuning
    preferences, let me know and I'll do what I can to accommodate
  • Case: 
    Included is the factory-supplied, SKB-made (non-logoed) hard shell case with black exterior and black plush
    interior.  Like the guitar, this case underwent a complete cleaning and overhaul.  It has only minor wear (scuffs and scratches here and there) on the exterior and the interior in virtually mint.  All hinges, latches and lid straps work perfectly.  Sorry, no
    key(s) come with it.  An
    optional $75 discount without
    this case applies only for a local sale where no shipping is required


* I




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On Nov-24-10 at 02:53:57 PST, seller added the following information:

* Unless this is purchased with BUY-IT-NOW, fully insured and trackable shipping is an additional $50 to anywhere in CONUS or Canada.  For any other destination, please contact me for a shipping quote... *

On Nov-27-10 at 15:54:45 PST, seller added the following information:

 Small error in one of my bullet-point descriptions:  For Stringing, it should have read 9 - 46 Elixir
Nanoweb Custom Lights instead of 10 - 46.

Also, a couple of well-intentioned folks pointed out that this guitar was built at Jackson's Ontario, California facility and not at their former location in San Dimas, Calif.  Since I was already aware of this fact, my description never specified the build location and only mentioned San Dimas because the neckplate, and presumably some other components, were produced while Jackson was in San Dimas but were used for builds shortly after the move to Ontario.  Besides, if I mentioned Ontario, people might think of the province in Canada where I live!  Fortunately, there is no San Dimas, Canada (yet!) and there likely won't be until we get some naturally-occurring Palm Trees... 

- Paul

jackson guitars 647031605104815721 Jackson San Dimas Usa Strat Sunkist Orange W/ofr & More
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