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Jackson Randy Rhoads Rr3


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You are bidding on a very lightly used Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3.

I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome the pickups sound, seeing as they're Duncan Designed rather than Seymour Duncan. Honestly though, they sound better than my Epi Les Paul with Seymour Duncan Invaders. For Metal or anything with gain, they sound excellent. They don't offer much for clean sounds unfortunately. The floyd is very very nearly as good as the floyd on my LTD Kirk Hammett 502.

I bought this a few months back from a friend of mine at college.  He really needed the money and I figured I'd be adding a nice V to my collection.  I was right, but now I need some money for Christmas shopping and I need to downsize my collection which is up to 6 now.

The thing looks almost new; just one small ding on the body which won't show up in a picture.

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple

Bridge: Licensed Floyd Rose

Pickups: Duncan Detonators

Case: Molded Hardshell

Also Included: Strap, shipped with brand new strings and a properly setup tremolo (which can be a major pain for some).

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