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Jackson Professional Jpb-7 Rare Only 1500 Made


jackson guitars 671981606180868400 Jackson Professional Jpb 7 Rare Only 1500 Made

Amazing bass, great sound. 6.5/10 condition if you asked me, you be the judge though.  
For you that don't know the story, this was a lawsuit model copied off Marleux, only 1500 were made (JPB7/8/9 Combined) produced for only a few months and all made in 1995.Great great bass blew my Model 2B out of the water, blew away my '95 MIM Jazz Bass.
 The strings are old as sin, I have not changed them. Some fret buzz here and there, some of the frets are a little dead. It needs a setup and new strings, it should be running like a workhorse again after a small setup.
Fret wear is noticeable though there is a lot of life left, this bass has been played a lot. 
The two upper knobs are only partially working, but it is an easy fix. I took the knobs off of them so you could see which ones I'm talking about. The shaft of the pot was forced upwards and the potentiometers were damaged.
 International buyers please contact me before bidding for a shipping quote, returns will not be accepted for buyers outside of the USA. 
Here are the pics, as you see, this bass has been played quite a bit.NOTE: The cavity cover is not missing, I just wanted to show the active circuitry of the bass. 
This is your chance to own a piece of Jackson history. As with every other lawsuit model in the world, these will not be seen ever again! If you would like more references of me as a seller, let me know! I sell extensively in online forums! 
You won't be disappointed! 
Quick specs:Basswood bodyMaple neck with Rosewood board24 fretsoffset inlays


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