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Jackson Pro Rr5 Rhoads Electric Guitar


jackson guitars 663693005495115270 Jackson Pro Rr5 Rhoads Electric Guitar

This guitar has seen very little use, it's in almost new condition (one tiny ding on corner, shown in picture gallery). As Randy Rhoads is probably my all-time favorite guitarist (maybe top 3),  I had no intentions of selling this guitar, but I need the money so it is priced to sell. 

The Jackson RR5 Rhoads solid body electric guitar brings you
the style, tone, and ultra-fast playability of a legendary guitar design,
complete with an ultra-solid neck-through-body design! Following in the
footsteps of the original Randy Rhoads (the first Jackson produced), the RR5
Rhoads features a distinctively aggressive "V"-shaped body. Its fast,
comfortable maple neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard. Also included:
Gold hardware, tailpiece, and pickguard as well as two DiMarzio Humbucking pickups (Bridge: Super Distortion, Neck: PAF Pro) replacing the factory Seymore Duncans. Jackson's compound-radius fingerboard curves
more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it
approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. You'll
feel the power when you play a RR5 Rhoads!

* Replaced Seymore Duncan Pickups with DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker in the bridge position (as Randy Rhoads used in his polka-dot flying-V) and DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck position (Randy used the DiMarzio PAF in his Polka-dot V). Have played it through both my Marshall JCM900 and Orange AD30HTC (Marshall 1960A cabs) and it sounds amazing in both live (only 2 live uses) and studio settings. But dont take my word for it... 

 -  “…1981’s Diary of a Madman, which Ozzy cites as his personal
favorite among his records… It was all done through a Marshall. He had a polka-dot
Charvel [made by Karl Sandoval] that we used – pretty much all the guitar tracks were done with that

 -  “…the polkadot sandoval v was used for mr.crowley &
suicide solution-@ least when i saw him in february of 1982.” 

 -  “Karl Sandoval Flying V w/DiMarzio PAF as a
neck pickup?and DiMarzio Super Distortion as a bridge pickup.”

* Dimarzio Super Distortion DP100 (

* Dimarzio PAF Pro DP151 (


Jackson Pro Series RR5 Rhoads Solidbody Electric Guitar

•       Color:
Ivory with black pinstripes

•       Body:

•       Neck:
Maple, neck-through-body design with scarf joint headstock

•       Neck
dimensions: 1st fret: .790", 12th fret: .850"

•       Fingerboard:
Rosewood with compound 14" to 16" radius

•       No.
of frets: 22 jumbo frets

•       Scale
Length: 25.5" (648mm)

•       Width
at Nut: 1-11/16" (43mm)

•       MOTO
shark fin position inlays

•       Headstock:
Jackson 6-in-line pointed headstock

•       Bridge
pickup: DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker

•       Neck
pickup: DiMarzio PAF Pro humbucker

•       Controls:
Volume1, Volume 2, master tone

•       Pickup
Switching; 3-position toggle

•       Hardware:
Gold, with gold control plate

•       Bridge:
JT390 adjustable bridge with strings-through-body design

•       Tailpiece:
Gold "V"

•       Tuning
machines: Sealed die-cast tuners

•       Hardshell
case included

jackson guitars 663693005495115271 Jackson Pro Rr5 Rhoads Electric Guitar
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