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Jackson Js32t Kelly Guitar


jackson guitars 651512507461652350 Jackson Js32t Kelly Guitar

This is a very nice Guitar. Its only 6 Mounts old. It plays & Sounds really good. I Enjoy playing it so much, But im going to step up to the KE-3 Kelly ($1000.00). This has all crome Hardware, 10-45 Strings 2-Jackson humbucking Pickups, That have an alsome Pitch and Tone. It is a very solid Guitar. For the price im sure you will be impressed. You can Brag about this to your friends and other mucicians.  It also comes with  a Strap, A new set of Strings & A few Thin Picks, and last a good day So happy bidding to you all and Marry Christmas to you too.

jackson guitars 651512507461652351 Jackson Js32t Kelly Guitar
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