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Jackson Js30rr Electric Guitar


jackson guitars 658781505738365690 Jackson Js30rr Electric Guitar

This is a Jackson JS30RR upgraded....its had black hardware such as knobs, bridge, etc. put on it. It DOES NOT have the EMG's anymore. I put the stock pickups back in and they'll get the job done. It's also been painted flat black and it's the only one I've seen that color. It has hardly if any fret wear at all because its not my most used guitar of the bunch. I've taken good care of it while I've had it so there's really not much wrong with it, all that's wrong with it is it has a chip in the paint on the longer part of the v but that's it....Very good guitar for metal and all rock music. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

jackson guitars 658781505738365691 Jackson Js30rr Electric Guitar
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