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Jackson Dx10d Dinky Electric Guitar With Hard Case


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Jackson DX10D Dinky Electric Guitar with Hard Case
Made in JapanBody: AlderNeck: Rock Maple, bolt onFretboard: RosewoodFrets: 24 JumboBridge: FR Licenced Tremolo (JT580LP double locking)

This was my first electric guitar, but I have not played it for awhile now, so it is up for auction.
Shark's tooth inlays with a reverse headstock and very thin neck profile.  Three-way selector switch with one tone and one volume control.  The stock pickups have been changed to a DiMarzio Breed (bridge model, F-spaced) in the bridge position and a GFS Power Rails (neck model) in the neck.  The winner can also have the original Duncan Designed HB103 pickups if they wish, as I don't think enough of them to sell them.  The plastic pickups rings fell apart and were replaced with chromed metal ones.  Currently strung with 12 gauge strings (Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky) and tuned to DGCFAD.  The strings have had little playing but are looking pretty shabby.  Frets are showing light wear.
The strap buttons that come standard on this guitar are overly large with a tapered shank that guarantees your new guitar will meet the ground very early on in its career when your strap suddenly pops off.  For me, this resulted in the cable plug taking most of the impact, but also contributed a slight dent to the guitar wood and loss of the surrounding paint.  You can see the repaired section in one of the photos - it came up really well (great!).  First, a coat of white undercoat was applied (you can see it faintly at the edges - doh), which was then stained brown.  A clear polyurethane gloss finish that was tinted black was then applied in layers to fill in the void.  Under room lighting, the layers work well together to provide a repair that is hardly noticeable by eye or finger touch, but under strong light it is easy to visually detect the translucent spot from the surrounding opaque colour.  I strongly recommend you change the strap buttons.  The input jack was replaced with a gold-plated Switchcraft jack.  There is also a small wear mark on the edge under where your arm rests (too small to photograph).
Comes in a Jackson hard case and includes whammy bar.  There is a small allen key that came with the DiMarzio pickup, but it is not the right size to adjust the tuning, so a set of allen keys will be required for that (and a philips screwdriver).  Will add a new pack of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky (10 - 46), Power Slinky (11 - 48), or Not Even Slinky (12 - 56) strings at the winner's request.  Personally, I think the action feels best with the Power Slinkys.

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Pickup with cash payment preferred.  Can be picked up from Brisbane CBD during work hours with prior arrangement.
Boxed dimensions will be approx. 122 x 46 x 19cm, and I am guessing at a total weight of 4kg (it is a very light guitar).  Too big to post but will co-operate with a courier if required.

jackson guitars 665821506026014061 Jackson Dx10d Dinky Electric Guitar With Hard Case
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