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Jackson Custom Guitar Usa San Dimas 80s


jackson guitars 649821304643906520 Jackson Custom Guitar Usa San Dimas 80s

 Ok - up on the block is my 80s San Dimas Jackson Custom.  The sticker under the springs describes it as Silver with white and blue water drops.  The serial number is 6240.  I've owned this guitar since 1995.  The only issue I've ever had with it is the volume pot which was recently replaced.  The guitar is professionally setup for 9s and plays like a beast.  It has an active hum-bucker at the bridge which is original and sounds great.  The neck has the reverse headstock with a rosewood board - 22 frets.  There are a couple of nicks I tried to represent in the photos and it is missing a back plate.  The plate covering the battery compartment for the pickup is not original.  I also had to replace the locking nut screws to achieve a matching set (when I got it, it was missing one).  The pictures are good but don't show how awesome the finish really is on this guitar.  The silverish body has some sparkle/texture to it.  The case is original and in excellent working condition, though it does show some wear.  I do not have the key for the locking latches.  The guitar also comes with the DiMarzio locking strap system I put on it years ago.  I hate to see this one go, but I just have too many.  Please contact me with any questions - Happy Bidding!

After looking at this pictures - the nicks and bumps don't show up.  Probalby because there is nothing major, but this is a 20+ year old used instrument that has been played and has been bumped a few times.  From a distance most people would never notice the marks on the guitar.  Only one or two bumps show at a close distance and the rest only under close scrutiny.  I don't want the guitar to be misrepresented here.  Again, please contact me with questions.  This guitar is a player! 

jackson guitars 649821304643906521 Jackson Custom Guitar Usa San Dimas 80s
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