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Jackson Kelly Style 6 String


jackson guitars 653783704761516190 Jackson  Kelly Style  6 String

Jackson Kelly style guitar.  Really nice guitar.  Most of these  really get beat up bad.  This one has no dings to the wood.  there is one ding hardly noticable.  The camera would not pick it up.  There is some very,very,very, slight buckle rash on the back.  Camera wouldn't get it either.  It is so small i almost missed it....The neck is straight, it has a nice fret board, the frets are in great condition.  There are NO CRACKS in the neck pocket.  It will have a new set of strings installed before shipment as the ones on it  have some rust on them from hand moisture.  So have some fun guys and gals too.  FREE SHIPPING ONLY APPLIES TO THE LOWERT 48.  CANADA WILL BE $30.00 EXTRA.

jackson guitars 653783704761516191 Jackson  Kelly Style  6 String
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