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Esp Flying V Electric Guitar/ Jackson Neck


jackson guitars 664701806581995180 Esp Flying V Electric Guitar/ Jackson Neck

Whats Up,
This is An Esp-Ltd Alexi-200 (Customized), i bought this back in 2009 for 430$ Brand New,
Ive done alot with it, as you can see in the photo's.(The 4th picture is before i upgraded everything)
Trust me, the guitar looks better in person. i changed 90% of the hardware to black such as
Tuners,Screws,Floyd Rose Nut,Volume Knob,Esp Neck Plate,Input Jack,Truss Rod Cover,Back Plate,
And i changed the pickup ring to a black metal one.
The guitar has a basswood Body.
I changed the neck on the guitar as you can see,
It is a Jackson-Style Maple Neck with sharkfin inlays and ebony fretboard with 22 Jumbo Frets,w/white binding.
I switched out the Esp Pickup it came with to an EMG-HZ H2 Passive Pickup,Which sounds freakin awesome.
Its got Grover Tuners.
And Its got the Floyd Rose Special Bridge it came with,i changed the block it came with to a Brass block.

Please read carefully before bidding.
The bold-on neck plate has a small scratch on it,(not too noticeable)
The Floyd Special thats on here isnt that great. Id reccomend getting a replacement Floyd Rose Special or
a real Original Floyd to replace it,be aware that liscensed floyd roses or anything other than an original floyd or floyd rose special such as Jackson Floyds or liscensed floyds will not fit in this guitar (ive tried it myself) and ive wasted money in doing so,But if you put an original floyd on here......this thing would be a BEAST!
Ive drilled the neck on myself and made a slight error in drilling the floyd rose nut,it doesnt effect the playability whatsoever but 1 screw is holding the nut in place,which is just fine because its just as tight and flat as it would be if both screws were holding it down, so in my opinion thats not even an issue an thats the honest truth,the strings go on great.
the neck is good, however it does need fretwork done to match the body by a guitar tech at guitar center to get rid of buzz, flat and dead notes (theres quite a few)
I consider this a project guitar,you can change the neck on it to any Jackson or Esp neck if you want. (ive seen some on ebay for as low as 150$) an all ud need to do is change the floyd to an original floyd rose, an your set. this thing would be an awesome axe.
 if you keep the neck, just take it to a guitar tech to get some fretwork done.
If they charge too much, than just get another jackson or esp neck to replace it.
That simple.

Thats pretty much it,aside from that this guitar is flippin sweet! And freakin metal.
Consider this guitar a steal because i wasted alot of money on this thing.

Its a shame to let this axe go, but i simply cant afford to finish the job i started with it.
you'd be suprised, but i must have spent over 800$ on this guitar in all.

So you can finish the job i started with it.

I am Includeing the original ESP booklet and allen wrench the guitar came with.
and the EMG box the pickup came with, (the esp pickup the guitar came with is inside the box),
and im throwing in a free Megadeth T-shirt (Adult S),
a Metallica making of black album DVD,
a dimarzio Cliplock Strap,
and a free monster prolink cable.

The guitar will ship with the neck off the body in the same box or in a couple boxes,all the hardware will be included, so just screw it on yourself when you've received it.
its real simple trust me,
Because i do not have a taller box to fit it in.


I've had to relist this 3 times thanks to non payments.
By bidding, you accept my terms and agreements,no refunds.
no excuses about how your dog clicked the bid button.

If you have any questions Please don't hesitate to Message me if you have questions before bidding.

I guess I'll leave it at that,
Stay Metal.


jackson guitars 664701806581995181 Esp Flying V Electric Guitar/ Jackson Neck
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