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Early 90s Charvel Jackson Professional Dinky Ex


jackson guitars 640771404778721470 Early 90s Charvel Jackson Professional Dinky Ex

Early 90's Charvel Jackson Professional Dinky EX Electric Guitar
This Guitar was purchased new by me in 1994.   Was used for about one year and then stored in my music room ever since.  Just had Guitar Center clean her up and She sounds and plays like new.  Great low action for fast shredding.  These early 90's Professional Series are hard to find as they are revered for their quality construction and ease of play.  These were the best guitars to ever come out of Japan.  
"The story goes that the American luthiers taught the Japanese how to make the Jackson Professional Series guitars and went to the factory in Japan several times to adjust the production and check the guitars coming out. The Japanese luthiers did such a great job, that their top product - The Professional Series Pro models - gradually became known as being on par with their USA counterparts built at that time."

Who uses Jacksons, you ask?  Bullet for My Valentine, Randy Rhodes of Ozzy Ozbourne, Chris Beattle of Hatebreed, Megadeath, Jeff Beck, Def Leopard, Lamb of God, Iron Maiden and just about every metal band you ever respected.
This guitar plays and sounds great.  Minor wear and some small dings and scratches.  Please ask any questions before bidding

jackson guitars 640771404778721471 Early 90s Charvel Jackson Professional Dinky Ex
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