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Custom Esp / Jackson Snakeskin One Of A Kind


jackson guitars 652212305703542950 Custom Esp / Jackson Snakeskin    One Of A Kind

I bought this a few months ago for a recording session and this thing is a BEAST -- the sound is AWESOME!!!! Never gigged. Now that the session is over, selling. This has been professionally set up with .10s and stays in tune the best I've seen any weighs probably 10 pounds (similar to the Lynch Kamikaze and Zakk Wylde Gibon) -- gives it a HUGE sound and sustain forever. I bought it from the maker and below is his exact words. Email with any questions. All sales final. No returns. This thing is easily worth $1000 or more.....


Ok folks here we go.........I never thought in a million years that I would sell this puppy but here she is from my own private stash this bad mutha is 2 years of hard work and 10 lbs of massive sustain THIS GUITAR IS ONE HEAVY MUTHA just like a real python and I owned a 17 ft Burmese Python once. Here's what we have here I always wanted a real snake skin guitar and that's exactly what this is I have a original ESP George Lynch Kamikaze that I modelled it after and had a local luthier here make me a body out of one peice 2" thick ...yes I said 2" and not your typical 1-3/4" strat thickness of solid Eastern Hard Rock Maple to the exact specs of the Kamikaze contours and all.The neck is an old Jackson Reverse neck from the 80's ( I had it for 15 years) still has the original tuners on her too, not sure if it was a San Dimas or a Fort Worth neck still lots of fret left and straight too. The pickup is Seymour Duncan TB-4 which absolutely rocks. The pot is a Gibson 500K pot and the bridge is an old Wasburn Floyd Rose from and old Nuno Bennecourt Model that I once had.
Now for the build of her. Once I had the body made I fine tuned the neck pocket so that you actually have to force the neck into the pocket I used feeler gauges to accomplish this and she is rock solid and tight. the snake skin has about 100 coats plus of clear and that was the time consuming thing about this project because the of the different depths of the scales I had to spray sand spray and sand to get one level surface, the whole surface is one even coat you cannot feel the scales on this and the finish is a matt finish because I really didn't like a gloss to it. What can I say I built this for myself and put ALOT OF BLOOD AND SWEAT INTO THIS BUILD, it plays killer and sounds KILLER with Sustain that would make your mouth drop .....2" of solid maple sustain here. Now THE ONLY REASON THAT I AM SELLING THIS IS I HAVE A KILLER LES PAUL DEAL THAT I CANNOT PASS UP ...AND IF I DON'T SELL THIS THAN I KEEP HER........that simple. Will be shipped in a gig bag which will be in a padded box.
Bidders with zero of negative feedback please contact me before you bid. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of auctions end for shipping details. Payment by pay-pal and must be received within 7 days of auctions end. All sales are final.

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jackson guitars 652212305703542951 Custom Esp / Jackson Snakeskin    One Of A Kind
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