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Charvel/fender/jackson 57 Black relic Hotrod Strat


jackson guitars 670961905507404430 Charvel/fender/jackson 57 Black relic Hotrod Strat

These are Professional level guitars using the highest quality parts to get a beautiful playing and soundingguitar and not have to spend 3k dollars to do so....i have been a guitar tech for over 10 years and have worked on and built all kinds of guitars u will be very happy with this 1....
SPECS:Body: 1 piece Alder  Custom "Relic" Finish.Neck: new AMAZING Goncalco Alves with an Ebony Fretboard w/6100 Jumbo fretsGraphtek black Tusq XL Nut, Grover Mini Rotomatics.Pickgaurd: Red Pearl "new" Electronics: new Seymour Duncan JB & JAZZ wired with the best Fender cloth Pull back wireinto a Fender 5 way switch. a 500k EVH Custom Low Friction Vol. pot.1 CTS 500K Tone pot with a 22mf Lemon Drop capacitor. 3rd pot is a dummy.Input Jack: SwitchcraftTremolo: new Wilkinson "Vintage" with Large sustain block (chrome) 
I only use Ebony Fretboardsand i treat my necks to a process of sanding and Tung-Oil to get a glass like natural feeling neckthat slides easy and i usually set my action towards the low side cause my test pilot is a SHREDDERthat likes low action so i set them up to his feel as we have been working together for many years and i adjust each string until he approves of the feel......u will be very happy with this very COOL looking and Sounding guitar mixing the old "look"with brand new parts.....can Achieve many tones with 2 humbuckers on a 5 way !!!PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS ..Thank youGOOD LUCK & HAPPY BIDDINGshipping to the U.S. Only

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