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jackson guitars 646873206223414630 Charvel/charvel/jackson

80's charvel charvet by charvel

Mid 80's charvet standard headstock, humbucker single coil
the tremilo says manufactured under floyd (Not liscensed)
The seller at the guitar store told me this tremilo was made by kahler for floyd,
while the new floyd factory was changing over to its now renowned tremilo
Its a square frame, where as new floyd's and others are rectangle and square at the bottom
this guitar was the cleanest used guitar we've ever seen, it was white all I did to it was paint it amber orange
95% perfect paint, nice and shiny, with few flaws and no cracks,dings,chips,ect. on body
the neck was near perfect, never banged the tip, some fret bars still have manufacture marks
obviously someone got this guitar and stashed it in a closet, then lost interest to last this long and be this clean
it is stock factory pick ups (Not J90), super hot, early scorpion sound
Everything works, looks and sounds great!)

Optional:: Silver chain saw hard case, with two broke / two good locks for an extra $50.00
If you want it with the case, email me on your decision and wait for invoice (In which I will adjust final payment)
If you don't want the case,, win bid,  then pay,
Be sure before you bid, sale is final, no returns!
This is a nice used but not abused guitar, perfect for someone

jackson guitars 646873206223414631 Charvel/charvel/jackson
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