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Charvel Jackson San Dimas Guitar Floyd Rose Duncan Usa


jackson guitars 666542806801210460 Charvel Jackson San Dimas Guitar Floyd Rose Duncan Usa

Charvel Jackson USA Parts Guitar

This axe is an assemblance of vintage Jackson and Charvel Parts.  The body is a 1984 Charvel San Dimas Body that I acquired recently.  The neck is a later 80s Jackson USA neck.  The body has obviously been routed for a floyd pull up and the neck pickup.  The body is loaded with Seymour Duncans and an Original Floyd Rose.  There is a splitter and a 3 way switch and everything is wired up and ready to play.  The neck as well as the body have been doweled and reset so that the holes are solid and there is no play in the floyd rose angle.

This is a projet axe and should be treated as such.  Recent parts like are assembled here have sold for over 800 in total.  I am starting my auction lower than that and this WILL sell to the highest bidder.  This is an old guitar and it has nicks scrapes and scratches, if you want showroom new then feel free to pass on this one.

guitar will come shipped with the neck detatched.    I do not have a hard shell case for this guitar.  I will gladly ship
internationally however due to recent issues the guitar will either be
insured for the full sale amount OR be sent at your risk when you chose
to declare value.

PLEASE ask any and all questions before the auctions end.  I want you to
be comfortable with your purchase, want more pics I can get them, and
audio clip may even be possible.  Live locally?  Come see it in person. 
Please note that I will be out of town during this auction and will
return the 15th.  Guitars sold this week will ship the 16/17 payment
depending.  If you use the BIN and end it before 12AM Sat I will ship on
Saturday the 7th.

Please see my other aucitons for an Ibanez S540 ltd, Ibanez Jem7DBK, Charvel Bullseye and Kramer parts!

jackson guitars 666542806801210461 Charvel Jackson San Dimas Guitar Floyd Rose Duncan Usa
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