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Charvel Jackson Model 6 Hss 1987


jackson guitars 656273305274403230 Charvel Jackson Model 6 Hss 1987

Hi, you're looking at my Charvel-Jackson Model 6, which I purchased new in 1987. It is a beautiful, versatile, great sounding guitar, that is probably the easiest to play electric I've ever owned. Only a few minor dings in evidence. The neck and jumbo frets lend to very fast playing with a positive feel for changing between chords. It is a deep wine/burgundy metallic; almost black if you're not paying attention. It has a humbucker at the bridge for great rock sounds, and single coils in the center and neck positions; the latter being great for blues or jazz. The three on-off pickup toggle switches allow you to make more pickup combinations than are available with other designs. The tremolo is a Floyd Rose design licensed by Jackson. The mid boost knob makes the humbucker (and also the single coils) sound very fat. With the mid boost off, the pickups are more bright sounding.

I must also add that this guitar stays in tune better than any other I've had; I had it in the case for at least a year after we moved, when I took it out, it was still in tune! Unbelievable.

See the following from Wikipedia, with a couple of inserts I added that are relevant for this instrument:

Charvel Model 6

The Japan-made Charvel Model 6 was the most expensive of the model series and considered one of the best imports Charvel ever made. It was in fact the first import version of the Jackson Soloist, but under the Charvel brand.

The Model 6 is a neck-through construction with a maple neck and poplar body. The neck has 24 jumbo frets (access to two full octaves per string) on a bound rosewood fretboard. The Model 6 became popular for its bound neck/headstock, and "sharkfin" fingerboard position inlays in real Mother of Pearl. The Model 6s came with Kahler 2300 Tremolos in early 1986, as well as an extra thin neck profile. For 1987 guitars (i.e., for sale here), the tremolo was changed to a non-recessed JT-6 licensed Floyd Rose, and the neck profile made a little beefier. The pickups are a Jackson J50BC humbucker at the bridge, and two Jackson J-200 stacked singlecoils; with the addition of an on-board mid-boost (Jackson JE-1200). The control layout consists of a Volume knob, a Tone knob, a knob for the mid boost, and three mini toggles to switch each of the pickups on and off.

It is a common misconception that this guitar has active pickups because it employs a 9V battery accessed from a backplate. In reality the pickups are passive; with the mid boost being battery powered.

It is worth noting that Soloists with non-recessed tremolos are extremely rare, making the Model 6 very desirable for those that prefer a taller bridge and an angled neck.

I am selling this because we are moving and downsizing, and I am focusing on playing only jazz; for which I have a vintage BFG (big fat Gibson).

Original hard shell flight case included.



jackson guitars 656273305274403231 Charvel Jackson Model 6 Hss 1987
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