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Charvel Jackson Model 6 Emg Neck Thru Through Soloist


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Charvel Model 6

Here is your chance to score an amazing Amazing Charvel Model 6.  This guitar has a really sweet sound with the perfect attack and sustain.  This guitar really plays and sounds great.  The harmonics are really rich. Comes with non-matching Peavey hardshell case.  There are real mother of pearl inlays.  From what I see this was a top of the line guitar from Charvel and is the best value out there.  This guitar weighs 8.6 lbs.

This guitar was owned by a musician that gigged with it regularly.  There is heavy/moderate wear on the body, neck, headstock, and frets.  There are stress cracks on the the headstock.  They are stable and do not make any creaking noises when pressure is applied.  This is a neck through guitar.

The bridge is an original Floyd Rose with the tremolo arm.  The original pickups are Active EMG's.  The EMG logo on the bridge pickup is worn off.

Overall an amazing guitar that has looks that everyone complements on.  The White Pearl finish has aged into a vintage yellow.

This guitar plays the way it is, it will need new strings and a set-up.  Sold as is.


Buyer pays shipping of $30, the USA.

USPS Priority Shipping to Canada $35.

USPS Priority Shipping to UK Europe, Germany, and Japan $100.

USPS Priority Shipping to South America $100.

USPS Priority Shipping to Australia $120.

Please message me for a price quote for shipping to a different country.


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