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Charvel By Jackson/charvel Custom Built Charvocaster


jackson guitars 659952905467687490 Charvel By Jackson/charvel Custom Built Charvocaster

Well here's one that much deliberation about selling went in to.If you ,like a lot of guys,like(love) the slim,flatter necks and a flatter fingerboard,similar to Jackson, LTD , Charvel , ESP , Ibanez,Schecter etc , but you really want a strat but you find yourself feeling like you are playing your grand daddy's guitar and you don't want to have to mess with another Floyd Ros,then you probably have just found the guitar that solves the issues.I don't think this particular neck,body & pickup setup was ever produced by the Charvel folks,some with a humbucker & 2 single and even a coil tap,but not thie combo.A coil tapped humbucker is never going to sound like a true single coil and the single coil has got to have the bridge pickup at this angle if you want to get a real stratish type sound.Anyway here's how this Charvel came to be.A good friend of mine had 3 music stores at the time this guitar was built.We are talking about a guitar here that was built somewhere around 20 years ago.Anyway to save time,suffice it to say,he made a legal connection with the Q.C./Repair portion of the company.He purchased several necks and bodies and a couple trays of pickups,some tuners,neck plates , bridges  i.e. pretty much all Charvel stuff to build several guitars at a good deal.So he had his tech,repair guy whatever the title,who had been building & customizing guitars for over 15 years.This guitar was built with one goal and purpose.Strat sounding guitar,but with a squared off edge body,thin flat neck with a slab rosewood fingerboard.And as you can see,he was successful.22 fret neck,tapered neck pocket which makes it easy to play the last frets.It was originally more of a Olympic,vintage white and now its turning to a true vintage white that looks like it lived in a club for years.Under the guard and trem cover you can see the original color.On the backof the guitar,in the area where the jack is mounted,you can see a place that shows 2 flavors.But even the lighter color has faded probably 50%.This guitar has some dings,impressions , a small amount of light scratches and virtually no shirt button rash.A few small bumps/dents/dings on the back side(maple) of the neck.These usually occur from leaning a guitar up against the front of an amp.There may be a stress finish crack or two or maybe a humidity crack or two,but if there are any,I couldn't find them,not even at the neck pocket.Actually I am just covering my backside as I seldom see a guitar used that is this clean,let alone one that was bought almost 20 years ago.I can explain that and why the crown of the frets isn't even broke.This guitar is in better condition than some of the "new guitars" I see hanging on walls in big stores.So what do we have? Well we have just what the dr. ordered! Its got a Charvel/Jackson neck and the necks' feel leans towards the Jackson side of the family.Charvel logo'ed black tuning keys,black over size strap buttons,black "football" input plate,black bridge,black screws throughout.To get "That" sound, 3 Jackson single coil pickups were used.A black tip on the 5 way switch ,black covers on the pickups of course.I remembered it with black knobson the master tone and volume controls.But the white with gold lettering knobs look good.The neck plate and screws are black and the neck plate says "Charvel" By Jackson Charvel & a serial # that basically means it has a serial #.The logo is balck with twin black string retainers and the nut is black.This is one cool looking "old school sounding" rock and roll Charvocaster.I played and played it.Really don't want to sell it.But change is in the very near future so its up on the block at a great price.I know someone has to be thinking "if its so great,why didn't it get played a lot?" well this guitar actually finalized in the owner's head he was to be a bass player and the Charvocaster has been stored for years.Take it ,don't leave it,it is one fine guitar.I would like to own it & may get to yet.No offense guys but the quality to me is at least as good as an American Standard.Its light like old strats.The dots in the neck look a lot like what Fender used when they brought out the vintage reissues,just a nice solid white marker.There ain't nothin fancy at all about this guy and that in itself is a wonderful thing! Readjust the action,raise or lower,change whatever you want - because I only know of 1 more of these in a different color and it usually stays about halfway around the globe. Comes with a gig bag . For $60.00 you can get an almost new tweed bag.

jackson guitars 659952905467687491 Charvel By Jackson/charvel Custom Built Charvocaster
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