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Andreas Pichler Fierce Shark Gibson Fender Jackson Esp


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Here's one guitar of my personnal collection : A Andreas Pichler Custom Fierce Shark!!
A very unique guitar that gives you a lot of good vibration as NEW!!!
You'll never seen a lot of this anywhere in the world...
Amazing guitar for those who want a very versatile and confortable guitar.

I send worldwide.

Prefer paypal payment from a confirm address within 3 days or bank wire transfer.

Please contact me for more information.

ANDREAS began making the FIERCE SHARK in sometime in the 1990s and
discontinued it in 2002. The body is made from Western Larch,
sandblasted, stained, and burned to give the final appearance.

Here are the specs for the Fierce Shark :
Width at nut
Width at tailpiece
650mm(25.59 inch)
41.88mm(1.64 inch)
53mm(2.08 inch)

Headstock: Aluminium
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Aluminium
Frets: Jumbo, 22
Body: Western Larch, 1 piece body
Finish: Burned, Matt Finished
Tuner: M6 chrome matt, SCHALLER
Nut: Graphite, SCHALLER
Bridge: Tremllo 2000 chrome matt, SCHALLER?Fierce
Pick up : Andreas Custom made

With profile GIGBAG

Controls : 1xVolume 1xTone 1 Pull Tone

Here's a review for a shark guitar, not a fierce shark (mine...) same design, but not the same specs.
The Shark
Reviewed By Trent Salter :
"One of Europe's high-end guitar luthiers and certainly a name
you will be hearing more and more about with the brand available to the
states. Nestled in Southern Austria, right next to the beautiful
Tyrolean Alps, Luthier Andreas Pichler and the flag ship Shark guitar
have been gaining the attention of many a guitar player. Unique is an
understatement, the current line up of Shark guitars and basses with a
soft coat finish and an ergonomically shaped body have set the guitar
industry on fire! Premiere Guitars is proud to introduce you to Andreas
Guitars and is proud to review the soon to be legendary SHARK Guitar...

First Look...
Wow! Certainly not your typical Strat body here. The first impression
of the Andreas Shark Guitar is that of amazement. It is refreshing to
witness a design and finish that I personally have never encountered
before. The most obvious detail of this guitar is the body shape. It is
easy to understand why this model is named the Shark, with its fin
shaped rear body contour and hockey stick style headstock. Way cool
chrome pickup rings with the rear ring extending around the bridge in
the same ergonomic shape of the body contour. Chrome hardware including
two Tele style knobs for volume and tone recessed into the body.
Five-way Strat style pickup selector switch, six on a side Gotoh chrome
Machine Heads, chrome Wilkinson fixed style bridge with string thru body
design. The screws used to adhere the pickup rings to the body as well
as the pickup cavity plate and the bolts on the neck are hex screws. A
small thing yes, but classy and very unique. This Shark model sports two
custom humbuckers in black, hard rock maple neck and Alder body. But
these amenities deserve special attention.

The Shark sports a Hard Rock Maple neck, 22 fret, 25.59 scale, bone nut
with a classy red Infeld stripe that extends the length of the neck
directly under where the "B" string would lay. This really is a classy
touch. Unique hockey stick contour headstock with six on a side chrome
Gotoh tuners, medium jumbo frets and a bolt on neck. This combined with
the hard rock maple board provides a spanky cutting tone. The neck is of
medium thickness and has a great rounded Les Paul Classic feel to it,
Les Paul players will love it, Strat players certainly will not be
scared off because this neck lies somewhat right in the middle. Very

The Body...
Here is where the rubber hits the road, literally. The Sharks
ergonomically shaped body is one thing, and the soft coat finish is
ground breaking. The actual body of the Shark is Alder, however Honduras
mahogany is also an option. The body and matching headstock are covered
in the Andreas patented "soft coat finish". The soft coat is a
revolutionary latex rubberized finish that covers the entire body and
headstock. I'm tellin' ya, it's really cool and something I've never seen
before or felt before. This particular model is royal blue, but is also
available in red and black. The soft coat finish combined with this
incredible carved body and unique body shape, certainly ensures the
uniqueness of this instrument.

Swimmin' With The Shark...
For testing purposes I will be utilizing a Mesa Dual Rectifier with
closed back Marshall 4x12 cab with 75 watt Celestions, as well as my
trusty Line 6 POD running directly into a Mackie 1604 out to a full
range PA. As always testing remains at modest volumes to ensure as much
sonic accuracy as possible. While
Rectifier warms up I always test a guitar for a few minutes acoustically
and the Shark is no exception. Strumming the Shark acoustically is just
the beginning of my treat. This guitar is a solid chunk of Alder and
with a Hard Rock Maple neck, even acoustically this guitar spanks out
the goods. Solid ringing tone with even tension across the neck
spectrum. This guitar is set up flawlessly with low action and the
intonation seems to be right on.

My next step is to plug into the Dual Rectifier's dirty channel. With
the pickup selector to the bridge position, the Shark sounds like the
hunter that it is. Fat & Beefy with a really cool mid range cut. Makes
me wonder what are these pickups? Andreas informs me that these pickups
are of a custom made origin from Harry Haussel, who dat? I must admit I
have not heard (literally) of these pickups until now and I am very
impressed. Warm, creamy and a well-rounded spectrum with just
enough mid range attack to ensure those leads are cutting through a mix.
This particular model sports two humbuckers, but is also available in
hum, single, single set up. Wired to a five-way selector switch to split
coils in both humbuckers or to obviously run them separately or
simultaneously. Just about any tone you want can be achieved with this
set up. Overdriven in bridge position is killer, fat, BOOP DERE IT IS!
Tone. Slicing through but not harsh. Neck position pickup is sweet, warm
and bluesy with great balance and ringing sustain and it doesn't mud up.

In the clean mode utilizing the split coil configuration, the Shark is
as sweet and mellow as a goldfish. Easily capable of producing clean,
spanky, chimey Tele type tones. Humbuckers in the clean channel are full
and rich and can break up nicely if need be by your string attack to
adhere a bit more crunch. No doubt that the Alder b ody and the Hard
Rock Maple neck add to the spankiness of the Sharks tone. However, I can
not believe that the patented soft coat finish on this bad boy adds
inherent warmth to the tone. It would have to. It's almost like the
coating seals the wood to further enhance the warmth. Call me crazy, but
to me warm tones are what it is all about. Clean or dirty, the Shark
cuts with tone just like the predator itself...

Safe On The Beach (Final Mojo)...
It certainly is inspiring to witness first hand cutting edge ingenuity
in anything that you do. The Andreas Shark is an example of daring
enough to be different but yet grounded enough to be traditional. With
the uniqueness of the Shark body contour to its revolutionary soft coat
finish, the Shark is one totally awesome guitar. The Shark is in no way
a novelty item, this is a great playing, great sounding guitar capable
of producing just about any tone imaginable. Manufactured in Austria and
now swimming to the States, Andreas is now setting up limited
dealerships in the USA and is now starting to ship. At a list price of
$2,100, the Shark is not inexpensive but not outrageously priced either.
For those who "Dare to be Different" and undoubtedly a welcome addition
to anyone's guitar collection. The Andreas Shark is soooo cool it's
scary! And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

Please check the net site for more description:

jackson guitars 649022805970654741 Andreas Pichler Fierce Shark Gibson  Fender Jackson Esp
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