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94 Purple Burst Jackson Dinky Reverse Professional


jackson guitars 673571506343617830 94 Purple Burst Jackson Dinky Reverse Professional

I'm selling my '94 Jackson Dinky Reverse Professional. This guitar has been kept in its hard case for four years while I was in college and hasn't been played much. My musical tastes have changed since I purchased this guitar and as such, I no longer want it.

- Guitar
- Mint condition Gator hard case
- Generic strap
- Metal slide

- Very light basswood body
- Very thin bolt-on maple neck
- Rosewood fretboard
- Original purple burst paint
- 24 jumbo frets
- Floyd Rose bridge with tremolo
- Reverse headstock
- Offset dot fret markers
- Original Jackson J-80 humbucker neck pickup
- Seymour Duncan Custom SH-5 bridge humbucker pickup ( )
- 3 way toggle switch
- Volume and tone buttons
For those in the know, the '90s import Jacksons were made to the same quality as the US made guitars: same material;same construction. They were so good in fact that import models during this time were outselling US made models because the price was cheaper (these models ran about $630 new back then), yet the quality was not. This was the golden era of Jackson imports.
The evidence that this guitar is from this golden era is that the serial number is 400513. If you're unsure as to why, Jackson in the early 90's made the serial numbers of their import guitars start with the number of the year they were produced; 4xxxxx = 1994, etc.

This guitar is born and bred for fast playing! It is a screaming demon that plays EXTREMELY smooth. It also has that solid feeling that one gets when holding a quality insturment; that feeling when you just know something is good and made to last. With that said though, it is an old hard rock/metal guitar and it does have dings,scratches, and a few chips from belts, wristbands, rings, etc. Most of them are on the edges of the guitar; the most prone part to scuffs.
 **There are NO cracks though** 
It comes with a mint condition Gator hard case with stickers from Austin's famous 6th street. I bought the case and it sat in my room just...looking cool and taking up space. 

This guitar was last serviced professionally in my hometown of San Antonio by Guitar Tex ( ) before slumbering in its case during college. They installed the Seymour Duncan pickup and shielded the entire electronics. They are such nice guys that love guitars that, well, they even set up the Floyd Rose bridge for free because it was a bit off! But, unless you use the same exact strings as me (Ernie Ball Stainless Steel Customs), that's most likely gonna change.
Lastly, if you have any questions, just ask me!
Happy bidding!

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**International Shipping will be extra!!**

**Insurance for this item will be offered, i.e., not included with the shipping costs**

jackson guitars 673571506343617831 94 Purple Burst Jackson Dinky Reverse Professional
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