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2000 Jackson Dk3 Burgundy Rare Electric Guitar


jackson guitars 664762508124043160 2000 Jackson Dk3 Burgundy   Rare Electric Guitar

 This is a rare guitar I picked up new in 2000 for about $900.  It is a dark, dark red that we've termed "burgundy."  When I came to this guitar, I thought I'd play it more, however, I've only had the pleasure of playing it a modest 100 times (or less), causing very insignificant and rather hard to find superficial scratches.  Other than this, there are no other signs of use.

With the guitar, we are offering the hard-shelled case that came with the guitar with the insignia of "Jackson" imprinted on it.  Other than the two removable stickers, it too is in excellent condition.
Here are the specs (other than already noted) we've found out about this guitar --

The DK3 was intended to be the high-end Dinky, with features that are either shared with or exceed that of the DK2 and DK2MG. This features include:

  • 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Jackson classic shark-tooth inlays
  • 3 pickups - HSH configured Seymour Duncan designed
  • 5 way selector switch
  • Licensed Floyd Rose patents JT580 LP
  • 1 volume, 1 tone switch
  • Superstrat body
  • Poplar body
  • Pointed headstock
  • In-line mini tuners
  • Thin neck in comparison to other models

The DK3 was discontinued in 2000 and only appears in the Jackson 2000 catalog

Finally, I think it is amusing and interesting that Jackson discontinued the manufacturing of this guitar because it was out-selling and causing interference with one of Jackson's other sales.   Specifically, it was direct competition to Jackson's popular "Soloist" guitars.  So after one year of production, and only approximately 300 of these type of guitar were produced before Jackson pulled the plug on them.  Thereby, this guitar is quite rare.  It's a beautiful guitar that demands a loving owner!!!  :) 
If you have any questions, comments, etc., feel free to email me here on eBay.  Thanks for looking!!


jackson guitars 664762508124043161 2000 Jackson Dk3 Burgundy   Rare Electric Guitar
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